IEEE PES GT&D Istanbul, 2021

Conference & Exposition

Official Customs Broker Agency in Turkey

Door to door shipping from all over the world to Istanbul Congress Center


With the energy added by our 22 years of experience and knowledge in the profession, we set off believing that we will bring a new understanding to the customs consultancy service. With our service slope kneaded with knowledge and experience; one-to-one communication, quality, fast, reliable, interpreting the legislation in the most accurate way and solution oriented; that is, we have adopted the principle of providing “boutique” customs clearance service.

With the awareness that the precondition for working in a boutique is also a happy employee, we believe that we will create / create positive awareness by putting people at the center of our company policy.

The manager, who has a customs brokerage authorization certificate, provides services with the motor courier service created in order to accelerate the document transportation, in addition to the work of the in-office application personnel in the management of our consultants.

We adapt to changing conditions and expand the content of our services taking into account the demands of the companies.

Acting with the awareness that ANC Customs Brokerage is an important pillar of foreign trade;

• Export, import, transit etc. performs the customs related part of the transactions,

• Offers alternatives to its customers in the fields of international transportation, storage and insurance,

• Provides timely and effective solutions to all kinds of foreign trade problems,

• It prepares projects in line with the expectations of the companies.